Cathal McConnell - Carolan's Concerto
Cathal McConnell - Crowley's Reel, O'Rourke's Reel
Cathal McConnell - Johnny Going To Ceili, The Gossoon That Beat His Father, The Long Slender Sally
Cathal McConnell - McConnell's Gravel Walk, The Laurel Tree
Cathal McConnell - The Derry Hornpipe
Colm O'Donnell - Sherwood Forest The Boys Of Bluehill (Hornpipes)
Colm O'Donnell - The Dublin Reel (Reel)
Colm O'Donnell - The Maid Of Mount Cisco The London Lassies (Reels)
Colm O'Donnell - The Trip To Athlone The Blackthorn Stick (Jigs)
Desi Wilkinson - Stony Steps, Corner House (Reels)
Emer Mayock - John Doherty's, The Fairy Hurlers
Emer Mayock - Lucky Thirteen
Finbar Furey - Castle Terrace
Finbar Furey - Fin's Favourite
Finbar Furey - O'Rourke's Reel
Finbar Furey - The Bonny Bunch Of Roses
Frankie Gavin - The Five Mile Chase, The Glass Of Beer, Richard Dwyer's Reel
Jerry O'Sullivan - O'carolan's Farewell To Music
Jerry O'Sullivan - Wendel's Wedding
Joe Burke - Raibh Tu Ag An GCarraig
Joe Burke - Sean Reid's Fancy
John Wynne - Darby's Farewell, Fr. O'grady's Trip To Bocca, The Lansdowne Lassies (Reels)
Josie McDermott - Father O'Grady's Visit To Bocca, Darby's Farewell To London
Josie McDermott - Murphy's Polka, The Keadue Polka
Josie McDermott - Sixpenny Money, Garrett Barry's Jig
Josie McDermott - The Flowers Of Ballymote, Coleman's Cross
Josie McDermott - The Tap Room, Toss The Feathers
Kevin Crawford - Christy Barry's Set
Kevin Crawford - Coilsfield House
Liam O'Flynn - The Rambler, The Aherlow Jig
Marcas O Murchu - Kathleen Lawrie's Wedding, Rinn Na Feirste Reel, The Donegal Reel
Michael McGoldrick - Larkin's Behive, Andy McGann's, The Amazing Adventures Of Dr. Moriarty
Michael McGoldrick - The Dub Reel
Michael McGoldrick - The Glens Of Aherlow, Trip To Herve's
Michael Tubridy - An Gabhairin Bui, I Have A Bonnet Trimmed With Blue
Michael Tubridy - Paddy Breen's Jig, My Love In The Morning, A Kerry Slide
Mick O'Brien - Johnny Cope
Mick O'Brien - Micko Russell's, Moneymusk
Paddy Keenan - Barbara Allen
Paddy Keenan - Farewell To Erin, The Youngest Daughter
Paddy Keenan - Kildevil Air (Gerry Strong) (Air)
Paddy Keenan - The Lark In The Strand
Paddy Keenan - The Swallow's Tail
Ronan Browne - The Swallow's Tail, The Heather Breeze
Seamus Egan - Baltimore Salute, The Lansdowne Lass, Jackie Coleman's
Seamus Egan - Eamon Coyne's, Longford Collector
Seamus Ennis - Gol Na Mban 'San Ar (The Women's Lament In Battle)
Seamus Ennis - The Cuckoo's Hornpipe
Seamus Ennis - The Thrush In The Straw
Sean Og Potts - Stella's Trip To Kamloops, The Flogging Reel
Willie Clancy - Caoineadh An Spailpin
Willie Clancy - Dark Is The Colour Of My True Love's Hair
Willie Clancy - McKenna's
Willie Clancy - The Killavel Fancy And The Dogs Among The Bushes
Willie Clancy - The Legacy Jig
Willie Clancy - The Templehouse And Over The Moor To Maggie


Cormac Breatnach - Musical Journey (1998) @128Kbps

Track Listing:
01.Sporting Paddy, Adele
02.Tommy Whelan's, Oiche Nollag
03.Na Ceannabhain Bhana, A Perpignan, Fasten The Legging In Her, The Legacy
04.Port Na BPucai
05.The Humors Of Tullycreen, The Princess Royal
06.Mujeres (Women)
07.The Britches Full Of Stitches, The Toda Klop, The Step Ahead Polka
08.La Molinera
09.The Tailor Small's Jig, The Battering Ram
10.Maidin Luan Chincise, Sabhbh, Song For Sabhbh
11.The Belles Of Tipperary, Connie Connell's, Cooley's, Jennie, Tie The Bonnet

Quality: 128 Kbps

Cormac Breatnach - Music For Whistle And Guitar (2000) @128Kbps

Track Listing:
01.Through The Fields, The Man Of The House, The Shores Of Lough Reagh
02.Morrison's, Paddy Stack's Fancy Jig, The Tailor Small's Double Jigs
03.Christmastime In Ashland
04.The Foggy Dew
05.The Wicklow Way
06.Sue's Hornpipe And Last Train
07.Cufflink, Humours Of Tullycreen, Cufflink, Eileen Oge, The Pride Of Petravore
08.Down By The Glenside, The Sporting Paddy
09.Music Box
10.Na Ceannabhain Bhana 2000
11.Ogham Ripples

Quality: 128 Kbps

Sean Ryan - Take The Air (1994) @160Kbps

Track Listing:
01.London Lasses, Coast Of Austria
02.Take The Air And Walk About, Old Legacy
03.Coughlan's, The Frost Is All Over
04.Banks Of The Suir
05.Galway Rambler
06.Scattery Island, Miko Doyle's, Going To The Well For Water
07.Tatter Jack Walsh, Connie O'connell's
08.Saturday, Seven Hops, Cascade
09.Belles Of Tipperary
10.Fairy Child
12.Dan Sullivan's Favourite, Ryan's, Kerry Cow

Quality: 160 Kbps

Sean Ryan - Minstrel's Fancy (1995) @192Kbps

Track Listing:
01.The Ship In Full Sail, The Mist On The Meadow, The Legacy
02.Miss Mcleods, St. Annes
03.Mickey Finns
04.Margaret Ocarroll
05.Lord Gordons
06.John Mckennas, The Sweet Flowers Of Milltown
07.The Old Maids Of Galway, The Carraroe
08.The Kilkenny Races
09.Slan Le Maigh
10.The Limerick Waltz, The Barnacle Redowa
11.Rosemary Lane, Willie Colemans
12.Is The Big Man Within, The Sport Of The Chase

Quality: 192 Kbps

Angela Deane - Cuisle (2005) @192Kbps

Track Listing:
01.Poll An Madra Uisce, Devaney's Goat, New Policeman
02.He Rambler, Widow Brady, Gan Ainm
03.A Trip To Birmingham, Roscommon Reel
04.The Liverpool, Groves Of Slaney
05.Geoghan's, Mcdonaghs, Graf Spee
06.Gan Ainm, Fig For A Kiss
07.Gormans, Ned Kileens
08.Cailin Deas Cruite Na mBo
09.Bucks Of Oranmore, Wind That Shakes The Barley
10.Freize Britches, John McGraths
11.Paddy Mills Fancy, Cuir Nacaille
12.The Smokey Chimney, Miss Galvins
13.Jennys Welcome To Charlie, Tie The Bonnet
14.Na Ceann A'Bhain Bana, Johnny Ward's
15.Old Road To Garry
16.Devines, Blarney Pilgrim
17.Jolly Tinker, New Mown Meadow

Quality: 192 Kbps


Plethyn - Best Of The Rest On CD (2004) @320Kbps

36 tracks by the renowned folk group on CD for the first time, mainly from their albums 'Rhown Garreg ar Garreg', 'Teulu'r Tir' and 'Byw a Bod'.

Track Listing:
01.Cân y Cathreiniwr
02.Y ferch o blwy Penderyn
03.Un peth rwy'n ei garu
04.Y cryman bach
05.Yr eneth glaf
06.Ffarwel i'r picws mali
07.Codi angor
08.Trwy'r drysni a'r anialwch
09.Mi gysgi di maban
10.Ymryson canu
11.Haf yn y bryniau hyn
12.Ar ben Waun Tredegar
13.Y gwcw
14.Cariad cywir
15.Os daw nghariad i yma heno
16.Dim byd wedi'i golli
17.Y llong na ddychwelodd yn ol

Disk 2

18.Gwledydd bach
19.Y fwyalchen
20.Penillion plant
21.Erfyn Clanme
22.Down yn ol
23.Un er mwyn fy nghalon
24.Mae'r esgid fach yn gwasgu
25.Yr hen fwthyn
26.Teulu'r tir
27.Y fam a'i baban
28.Hogyn Wil Pant Garreg
30.Hinon ha
31.Plentyn breuddwydion
32.Ffarwel Mari
33.Rwy'n hwylio heno
34.Olion y graith
35.Oes yn y ty ma win ar werth?
36.Cerdd wefus

Quality: 320 Kbps

The Iron Horse - Demons & Lovers (1996) @320Kbps

...a nice catchy album which is still on the traditional side of the Celtic landscape. It starts with a powerful instrumental set, three great tunes delivered by the wonderful fiddling of Gavin Marwick and the ever-improving piping of Annie Grace. The wailing 2-minute introduction gives you time to sit down, pour a dram, relax, put the cat out, sit down again, relax again, and take a sip or two...."Demons & Lovers" holds the attention pretty well: plenty of great tunes from the pens of various band members, and some well-turned arrangements of traditional songs.

Track Listing:
01.The Steampacket
03.Park No 1
04.The Luthier
05.The Traveller
08.Faith Healer
09.The Elphin Knight
10.The Demon Lover
12.The Sleeping Warrior

Quality: 320 Kbps

The Iron Horse - Five Hands High (1994) @320Kbps

The press release for this album claims it is "certain to consolidate The Iron Horse's position at the forefront of the Scottish roots scene", and I think they might be right. "Five Hands High" is definitely a step forward from the previous two Iron Horse releases: the band has matured, the line-up is unchanged from the last album, and this is altogether a more professional piece of work.

This album gives a very good idea of what The Iron Horse is like, whether on stage, on disc or in a pub: lots of driving instrumental sets, plenty of virtuoso strings, good harmonies and a balanced mix of new and traditional material. If you're looking for slow, haunting pieces, forget it - this band rarely slows the pace to less than a brisk trot. However, there are several fast haunting tracks: "A' Bhean Iadaich", "The Heiress" and "Northern Cross Rising" among them.

The album is roughly evenly split between songs and instrumentals, but I was pleased that the instrumentals still took the lion's share: this is definitely where the band's greatest strengths lie, with the brilliant fiddling of Gavin Narwick and whistling of Annie Grace backed by equally accomplished strings, keyboards and percussion. Annie's piping features strongly on this album, on both highland and small pipes, and it is much improved from the last album. I felt the small pipes were a bit overdone in places, such as in "The Lowlands of Holland", but that's just my personal preference for the big pipes.

Iron Horse lost a singer and gained a drummer between the first and second albums, and the singing on the last album was, perhaps, a little shaky as a result. However, this new release has rock-solid vocals throughout, with the two female voices blending and harmonising very nicely. I did find some of the words a bit hard to make out, but the lyrics are written out in full. Contrary to my claim above, there are three slowish songs on the album, but I preferred the faster ones!

The "percussionist" has also come into his own on this album: the multitude of things being hit and shaken gives a consistent strong beat behind songs and tunes alike. The reference to the "Scottish roots scene" in the blurb is perhaps justified by the Afro-Caledonian feel of some tracks, but this is never overdone and the percussion adds welcome depth to the overall sound.

The new compositions by Rod, Lynn and Gavin give a very distinctive flavour to the album. There is plenty of new and exciting material here, and all of it played with great skill and energy. I'm already looking forward to Iron Horse's next album, whatever they decide to call it!

Alex Monaghan

Track Listing:
01.The 8 Step Waltz
02.A'Bhean Ladaich
03.This Is No' My Plaid
04.The Piddley 2 Step, The Newe Jig, Stobieside Lodge
05.The Rubber Man, The Furrowed Brow, Alistair Paul's Return
06.Glasgow Peggy
07.The Linguist, Maclaine Of Lochbuies, Twisted Fingers, Lochiel's Rant
09.Lowlands Of Holland
10.The Sheepwife, The Bagaqd Reel
11.The Heiress
13.Northern Cross Rising

Annie Grace (Whistles, Bagpipes, Small Pipes & Vocals)
Rod Paul (Cittern, Mandolin, Banjo & Guitar)
Lynn Morrison (Keyboards, Fiddle, Viola & Vocals)
Stevie Lawrence (Bouzouki, Guitars, Percussion, Bass, Tiple, Arpeggione & Mandocello)

Quality: 320 Kbps

The Iron Horse - Thro' Water, Earth & Stone (1993) @320Kbps

For some time now, The Iron Horse has been making a name for itself on the Scottish folk scene. Because of the instrumental line-up, including Highland pipes, it is inevitable that this band will be compared to some other Scottish bands which have gone before. I believe that this album proves that The Iron Horse is fast developing its own sound.

"Thro' Water, Earth and Stone" has six instrumental and five vocal tracks. The instrumentals are a mixture of traditional and contemporary tunes, some written by members of the band, and all in traditional style. The arrangements are excellent and the playing is bright and crisp.

The singers, Annie Grace and Lynn Morrison, also play - whistles/pipes and keyboards/viola/fiddle respectively. Their singing isn't as strong as their instrumental skills, but it's pleasant and the arrangements make up for any lack of strength in the vocal department.

Overall, it's a very good album and would be welcome in anyone's collection of Scottish/Celtic music.

Tom Smith

Track Listing:
01.The Peacock's Feather, The Bell Reel, Tam's Grey Mare (Reels)
02.For A'that An' A' That (Song)
03.The Goatherd, The Major's Maggot, James Maclellan's Favourite, Duncan The Gauger, The Piper's Bonnet (The Piper's Bonnet, Jigs)
04.Jamie (Song)
05.The Poachers, Assynt Reclaimed (Song, Reel)
06.Cabbage Town, Jellyfish, The Blantyre Reel (Reels)
07.Portuguese Train
08.The Earl Of Moray, The Gift, The Conclusion (The Earl Of Moray Set)
09.J.F.Dickie's Delight, Weights & Measures, Andy White's Reel, Molly Rankin's, The Repeal Of The Union (The Slow Strathspey)
10.The Hen's March, The Iron Horse, The Tipsy Sailor, The Judge's Dilemma (Jigs)
11.Mother Martyr (Song)

Quality: 320 Kbps

The Iron Horse - The Iron Horse (1992) @320Kbps

The self-titled The Iron Horse debut album from 1992 is simply superb. If one was to compile a list of the ten best Celtic releases of the last decade, this album would be among them. Described by critics as one of the "new wave" of Scottish folk groups. A powerful new wave Scottish traditional folk music, imaginatively interpreted & covering a broad spectrum, from haunting slow airs & ballads to driving instrumentals.

Track Listing:
01.Aonach Mor Gondola, Annie's Wean, Glasgow Express (Reels)
02.Wha'll Be King But Charlie, Thro' The Heather (March, Jig)
03.The Lea Rig (Song)
04.The Burning Of Auchindoun, Turn Again (Song)
05.The Cape Breton Fiddlers' Welcome To The Shetland Isles, Morag's No.2, The Lintie (Reels)
06.The Antique Dealer, The Parting Of The Hare (Jigs)
07.The Travelling People (Song)
08.Miss Lynn Morrison
09.The Iron Horse, The Glendale Festival (Song, Reel)
10.When She Cam' Ben She Bobbit, The Anvil, Duncan Johnstone (Waltz, Reel, Hornpipe)

Annie Grace (whistles and vocals)
Ross Kennedy (guitars and vocals)
Gavin Marwick (fiddle)
Lynn Morrison (keyboard and vocals)
Rod Paul (whistles, mandolin, banjo, guitar)

Quality: 320 Kbps


Kila & Oki - Kila & Oki (2006) @320Kbps

Track Listing:
02.Gáire Na BPáistí (Our Children Are Laughing)
03.Kai Kai As To
04.Ní Liom Féin
05.Ororo Raha (Mokoro Mokoro)
06.HAon Dó
07.Kent Hakka Tufse
08.Last Mile Home

Quality: 320 Kbps

Patrick Ball - Music On The Wind (2003) @320Kbps

Track Listing:
02.Valse Pour Les Petites Jeunes Filles
03.Blind Mary
04.Rory Dall's Sister's Lament
05.Bobby Casey's
06.The Foggy Dew
07.Carolan's Quarrel With The Landlady
08.Coilsfield's House
09.Mabel Kelly
10.Castle Kelly
11.Carolan's Dream
12.Eleanor Plunkett
13.Carolan's Draught
14.May Morning Dew, Morrison's Jig
15.Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair
16.Squire Wood's Lamentation
17.Morgan Magan
18.Twisting Of The Rope
19.Sheebeg Sheemore
20.Carolan's Cup
21.Carolan's Farewell To Music
22.Auld Lang Syne

Quality: 320 Kbps

Patrick Ball - Fair Play (2002) @320Kbps

Track Listing:
01.Bobby Casey's
02.Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair
03.Roscommon Reel
04.The Top Of The White Rock
05.Captain O'Kane (Turlough O'Carolan)
06.Mountain Of The Woman
07.Ned Of The Hill, Kean O'Hara
08.Turlough MacDonough (Turlough O'Carolan)
09.Good Morning To Your Nightcap, Martin Wynne's
10.Carolan's Cottage (Turlough O'Carolan)
11.Lady Dillon (Turlough O'Carolan)
12.Princess Royal (Turlough O'Carolan)
13.Lord Galway's Lamentation (Turlough O'Carolan)
14.The Little Child

Quality: 320 Kbps