Oisin - Winds Of Change (1989) @192Kbps

A final album called "Winds of Change" came out in 1989, with yet another "mercenary" lineup which included Maire Bhreathnach (fiddle), Davy Spillane (pipes, whistle), and Brian O'Connor (flute, whistle). This was also made available on CD by RBM, and there is an Ossian CD entitled "Celtic Dream" which is a compilation of tracks from the two.

Track Listing:
01.Johnny Miner
02.Summer In Ireland, Mungo Kelly's, Capel Street (Reels)
03.Streets Of Derry
04.Out And About (Jig)
06.Dwyers, Miss Johnson, The Chattering Magpie (Reels)
07.Rosemary Lane
08.Apples In Winter, Ardaigh Do Mheanma (Jigs)
09.Dunlavin Green
10.Johnny's Wedding, Galway Bay, Farewell To Miltown Malbay (Slow Set)

Quality: 192 Kbps


Oisin - The Jeannie C (1982) @192Kbps

Another album, "The Jeannie C," was released in 1982 with a pretty different lineup. Anne Conroy (accordion) and Mick O'Brien (pipes) now anchored the instrumental work, and with Paddy Glackin joining in on some of them as well, it made for a great sound. Brian McDonagh was no longer with the band at that point. "Jeannie C" was re-released on CD on RBM in Germany, where the band had a lot of success, the McGowans have since made their home there.

Track Listing:
01.The Jeannie C
02.Salamanca Sister, High Reel (Reels)
03.The Echo, Walsh's (Hornpipes)
05.Battering Ram, Kinnegad Slashers, Leg Of The Duck (Jigs)
06.Love And Freedom
07.Lady Annes, Jacky Coleman's (Reels)
08.Ellen Vanin
09.Hand Me Down The Tackle, The Drunken Tinker, Chicago (Reels)

Quality: 192 Kbps


Oisin - Bealoideas (1979) @128Kbps

Oisin was indeed the name of the band--not to be mistaken with that of the Scottish group Ossian.

Their first LP, Oisin, came out in 1976. Members of the band then were Geraldine McGowan (vocals, bodhran, recorder), Tom McDonagh (bouzouki), Mick Davis (fiddle, vocals), Brian McDonagh (mandolin), and Seamus McGowan (guitar vocals). Mick Davis was not exactly a hot fiddle player, so the instrumentals left a bit to be desired, even with Paul Brady supplying guitar backup on one track. However, one track of reels, "The Maple Leaf" and "The Man of Aran," both composed by whistle player/piper Darach de Brun (he also played on that one track), remains a classic. And the opening mandolin/bouzouki duet on "Doherty's Jig" (aka "The Swedish Jig") was much copied. But the strength of the band was definitely the songs, for Geraldine's beautiful voice and Seamus's earthy singing as well as for the string-dominated arrangements. Not that they would sound like anything terribly special now, as they relied on very much the same ideas and textures first explored by Planxty, only not quite as well executed--but at the time it still made an impact.

There were two more albums coming out in close succession, "Bealoideas" in 1979 and "Over the Moor to Maggie" in 1980, the latter with Gerry Phelan (flute, whistle) having joined the band and with Paddy Glackin and Mick O'Brien playing on one track each. Those first three albums have been re-released on CD by Ossian.

Track Listing:
01.Peata Beag Do Mhaithair
02.The Star Of Munster
03.The Cow Ate The Piper
04.The Gold Ring
05.The Bonny Irish Maid
06.The Rambaling Soldier
07.The Irish Girl
08.The Orphan And Tobins Favourite
09.Fear An Bhata
10.The Providence, Cooley's, The Moibhin

Quality: 128 Kbps


Ceolbeg - Cairn Water (2000) @192Kbps

One of Scotland's top bands, with a very individual sound, Ceolbeg has been around for some twenty years with varied line-ups but always retaining a devoton to innovative settings of traditional Scottish music.

Track Listing:
01.Cantabrian Jig
02.Shoals of Herring
03.Cairn Water
04.Working Shifts
05.The Scottish Branle
06.Eppie Moray
07.Oh, Were I On Parnassus' Hill
09.Return of the Bunny
10.To Each and Every One of You
12.Like Another Rolling Stone

Rod Paterson (vocals, guitar)
Gary West (Great Highland warpipe, small pipes, whistles, vocals)
Wendy Stewart (vocals, electric harp, clarsach, concertina)
Colin Matheson (keyboards, guitar, accordion, vocals)
Mike Travis (drums, percussion, vocals)
Peter Boond (flute, whistles, cittern, vocals)

Quality: 192 Kbps


Ceolbeg - Five (1996) @192Kbps

This Ceolbeg "Five" CD dates from 1996 when the band's piper was Los Angeles-born, Mike Katz and vocalist Rod Paterson replaced Davy Steele. Modern folk sound with vocals, harp, pipes, keyboards, guitar, flute, bouzouki and drums.

Track Listing:
01.Mother Farquhar, A Skate In The Hand Is Worth Two On The Beach
02.Willie Wastle
03.The Chow Man, Catriona Og
04.Cadal Cha
05.Cockerel In The Creel, Duncan Finlay's, Black Cocks Of Berriedale
06.The Presence, The Old Maid's Dream
07.Borderline, Les Freres Denis
09.The Nodding Song - Gude'en Tae Ye Kimmer, The Skye Bridge Dance
10.Duncan Cla's, Dr Iain MacAonghais, Finlay MacKenzie
11.The Gaberlunzie Man

Rod Paterson (vocals, guitar)
Mike Katz (Highland bagpipes, electric bass guitar)
Wendy Stewart (vocals, electric harp, clarsach, concertina)
Colin Matheson (keyboards, guitar, accordion, vocals)
Jim Walker (drums, percussion, udu)
Peter Boond (flute, whistles, cittern, vocals)

Quality: 192 Kbps


Ceolbeg - An Unfair Dance (1993) @192Kbps

Dating from 1993, this Ceolbeg CD has as its first track, 'Zito the Bubbleman'! - (the title is also depicted on the CD cover). It was written by Gordon Duncan while on tour in Italy, following a concert in which his band was supporting the star attraction of the evening, a local character whose act involved walking on stage and blowing bubbles into a variety of shapes and forms.

Track Listing:
01.Zito The Bubbleman
02.Galicia Revisited
03.The Jolly Beggar, The Man In Black
04.Gale Warning, Dancing Feet, The Clumsy Lover
05.The Collier's Way
06.Stand Together
07.Wild West Waltz
08.The Caledonian Society of London, The Birmingham Breakdown, The Old Mountain Road, An Unfair Dance, The Eavesdropper.
09.Seton's Lassie
10.Farewell to Nigg, Dinkies, Train Journey North
11.My Love is Like a Red Red Rose, The Mermaid
12.The Sleeping Tune

Davy Steele (vocals, guitar, bouzouki, bodhran)
Gary West (Highland pipes, Lowland pipes)
Wendy Stewart (electro-harp, concertina)
Peter Boond (flute, whistle, cittern, harmonica)
Jim Walker (drums, percussion)

Quality: 1、2Track 128 Kbps 3-12Track 192Kbps


Ceolbeg - Seeds To The Wind (1991) @192Kbps

Seeds To The Wind, which was produced by Dick Gaughan, was the third album from Ceolbeg. The inspiration for the title track - a Davy Steele, Colin Matheson song - came from Colin, whose family originated in Braes, on the Island of Skye (some still live there). A battle was fought during the Clearances by men and women who did not want to leave, but were in the end physically made to go by both police and militia. The person instructing the police and militia was the clan chief Ronald McDonald.

Track Listing:
01.Mazurka Set
02.Senorita Ana Rocio
03.The Coupit Yowe Set
05.A' the Airts
06.Here's a Health tae the Sauters
07.Johnnie Cope
08.Calician Set
09.See the People Run
10.Lord Galloway's Lamentation

Davy Steele (lead vocals, guitar, bouzouki, bodhran)
Gary West (great Highland warpipes, Scottish smallpipes, whistles, vocals)
Wendy Stewart (vocals, clarsach)
Peter Boond (flute, whistle, cittern, vocals)
Colin Matheson (keyboards)

Quality: 192 Kbps


Ceolbeg - Not The Bunny Hop (1990) @128Kbps

The first recording, Not the Bunnyhop', was released late in 1990, and has recently been re-issued on CD. Produced by Phil Cunningham, the album introduced the current instrumental line-up of the band, and gained widespread praise for its outstanding'' and vivacious'' instrumentals (Scotsman 1990).

Track Listing:
01.The Big Parcel
02.Queen Of Argyll
03.Tam Billy's Jig
04.The High And Mighty
05.Arthur Gillies
06.Farewell Tae The Haven
07.It Was Long Ago
08.The Deil Awa We' The Exciseman
09.The Soft Horse Reel
10.Otago River

Davy Steele (lead vocals, guitar, bouzouki, bodhran)
Gary West (great Highland warpipes, Scottish smallpipes, whistles, vocals)
Katie Harrigan (vocals, clarsach, electroharp)
Peter Boond (flute, whistle, cittern, vocals)
Andy Thorburn (keyboards, keyboard bass, vocals)

Quality: 128 Kbps


The Whistlebinkies - Albannach (2006) @192Kbps

"ALBANNACH" was recorded in 2005 and early 2006 and a lot of love and care went into its preparation, both by the Band and engineer Robin Rankin, resulting in an album which the Band consider to be their best effort to date.

Track Listing:
01.The Loch Ness Monster
02.Wendell's Wedding
03.Farewell To St Kilda
04.Donald Maclennan's Tuning Phrase
06.Ceilidh Lines
07.Munyanes De Canigo
08.Toys And Brooches
10.On The High Road To Linton
11.The Shepherds
12.My Bonny Moorhen
13.Captain Celtic

Rab Wallace (Lowland bagpipe, Scottish smallpipes)
Eddie McGuire ( flute), Annaliese Dagg (fiddle and viola)
Rhona MacKay (clarsach and vocals)
Peter Anderson (bodhran, Scottish side drum & percussion)
Stuart Eydmann (concertina & fiddle)
Mark Hayward (fiddle)
Iain Crawford (double bass)

Quality: 192 Kbps


The Whistlebinkies - Timber Timbre (1999) @160Kbps

The tunes are the finest Scotland has to offer: "John Roy Stewart" and "Achmore Loch" are beautiful, "The Sailor's Wife" is a jig which deserves to be widely known, and there's a fine set of Shetland reels fitted onto the pipes. Piper Rab Wallace also illustrates the difference in tone between the lowland pipes and the Scottish smallpipes, and as if that weren't enough he fits a pair of traditional Chinese tunes onto the limited smallpipe scale with breath-taking results. There are four songs, three in Scots Gaelic from Judith Peacock and one in Scots from guest James MacMillan. Two of them are from this century, but all are in a very traditional style. Judith has a light, pure voice which suits the sadder Gaelic songs perfectly, and the instrumental arrangements are suitably discreet. This is a very pleasant recording with some really interesting material .

Track Listing:
01.Nuair A Bha Mi Og (When I Was Young)
02.The Sailor's Wife
03.Eilean Scalpaigh Na Hearadh (Island Of Scalpay, Harris)
04.John Roy Stewart
05.Tha Mulad, Tha Mulad (Sadness Is Mine)
06.Achmore Loch
07.The Tryst
08.The Mason's Apron
09.A China Set
10.My Wife's A Drunkard
11.Moran's Return

Peter Anderson (Scottish side-drum, bodhran, percussion)
Annaliese Dagg (viola, fiddle)
Stuart Eydmann (fiddle, concertina)
Mark Hayward (fiddle); Eddie MacGuire (flute, piccolo, clarsach)
Judith Peacock (clarsach, vocals)
Rab Wallace (Lowland pipes, Scottish smallpipes)
James MacMillan (vocals, whistle)

Quality: 160 Kbps


The Whistlebinkies - A Wanton Fling (1996) @128Kbps

This album has all the freshness of early Whistlebinkies recordings, although some of the rough edges have been worn down over time. The singing is much less brash than at one time, and this album shows a gentleness which belies the title. The combination of lowland pipes, clarsach, flute, concertina and fiddle has an air of chamber music about it on many tracks, and many of the tunes are taken at a more leisurely pace than is usual nowadays. This more relaxed style brings out aspects of the music which are seldom noticed in more upbeat performances. The slow version of "The Marquis of Huntly" and the set of Niel Gow tunes both show the benefits of a less racey treatment, as does the well-known song "Cam' Ye O'er Frae France?"

Track Listing:
01.The Pipers' Jigs
02.Ay Waukin, O
03.The Whistlebinkies Jig
04.Ho-ro Mo Chuachag (Ho-ro My Young Girl)
05.Dunkeld Bridge
06.Cam' Ye O'er Frae France
07.Taladh (Lullaby)
08.Farewell To Muirhead's
09.Deireadh Leave, 1940 (The End Of Leave, 1940)
10.The Wee Eddie Reel
11.A Wanton Fling
12.A' Bhalsa Mu Dheireadh (The Last Waltz)

Peter Anderson (Scottish side-drum, bodhran, percussion)
Annaliese Dagg (viola, fiddle)
Stuart Eydmann (fiddle, concertina)
Mark Hayward (fiddle); Eddie MacGuire (flute, piccolo, clarsach)
Judith Peacock (clarsach, vocals)
Rab Wallace (Lowland pipes, Scottish smallpipes)
James MacMillan (vocals, whistle)

Quality: 128 Kbps


The Whistlebinkies - Inner Sound (1991) @192Kbps

Recorded in 1991, the title track of this CD was originally composed for a film about oil exploration in Scotland's coastal waters which was shown at the 1983 Celtic Film Festival.

Track Listing:
01.Inner Sound
02.The Christening Piece
03.A Reel Strathspey And Reel
04.Beloved Gregor (Griogal Cridhe)
05.Oran Mor
06.Isle Of Barra March
07.The Tryst
08.The Piper's Controversy
09.Theme From Etain
10.Bright Love Of My Heart (Gradh Geal Mo Chridhe)

Rab Wallace (lowland pipes, Scottish small pipes)
Eddie McGuire (flute, picolo)
Mick Broderick (bodhran)
Peter Anderson (drums)
Stuart Eydmann (fiddle, concertinas)
Mark Hayward (fiddle)
Judith Peacock (clarsach, vocals)
With guest James MacMillan (vocals, whistle)

Quality: 192 Kbps


The Whistlebinkies - Anniversary (1991) @192Kbps

This is a great album from the marvellous Whistlebinkies. Compiled in 1991, it celebrates in fine style their 15 year association with Claddagh Records. 18 tracks and 72 minutes of great music from one of the most influential groups on the traditional music scene.

Track Listing:
01.Farewell To Nigg
02.The Piper, The Harper, The Fiddler
03.Great Is The Cause Of My Sorrow
04.The Fiddle Strathspey And Reel
06.The Island Jigs
07.The Whistlebinkie's Reel
08.Ane Ground
09.Sir John Fenwick
10.Ailein Duinn
11.MacDonald Of The Isles
12.Dominic McGowan
13.The Fiddlers' Farewell
14.The Winter It Is Past
15.Dogs Among The Bushes
16.Rattlin', Roarin' Willie
17.Barlinnie Highlander
18.A Change Of Tune

Rab Wallace (lowland pipes, Scottish small pipes)
Eddie McGuire (flute, alto flute, picolo)
Mick Broderick (bodhran, vocals)
Peter Anderson (Scottish side drum, sticks, vocals)
Rae Siddall (fiddle, trs 1,3)
Bob Nelson (fiddle trs 3,4)
Rhona MacKay (clarsach vocal trs 3-8)
Mary Ann Kennedy (clarsach, vocals trs 12-13)
Jo Miller (fiddle, vocals)
Stuart Eydmann (fiddle, concertinas trs 5-18)
Mark Hayward (fiddle trs 5-18)
Judith Peacock (clarsach, vocals 9-11,18)
Charles Guard (clarsach trs 1,2)

Quality: 192 Kbps