Dougie MacLean - Who Am I (2001) @192Kbps

Track Listing:
01.Not Lie Down
02.We'll Be Together Again
03.The Boatbuilders
04.Talking With My Father
06.Pabay Mor
07.Mary Queen Of Scots
08.Who Am I
09.Hide In The Wind
10.Nothing To Do With It

Quality: 192 Kbps


Dougie MacLean - The Search (1990) @192Kbps

Track Listing:
01.The Search
02.The Abyssal Plain
03.The Thermocline
04.The Origin
05.The Sixties Vigil
06.The Gael
07.The Underwater Vigil
08.Loch Ness

Quality: 192 Kbps


Dougie MacLean - Butterstone (1989) @128Kbps

Track Listing:
01.Down Too Deep
02.Loving Hannah
03.We're All That Close To Danger
04.Over The Hebrides
05.Please Don't Let The Starman Come Again
06.Sailing To Australia
07.Farewell To Whiskey
08.Jamie's Song
09.Just A Little Thunder
10.Will Ye No Come Back Again

Quality: 128 Kbps


Dougie MacLean - Caledonia (1977) @192Kbps

Track Listing:
01.Plooboy Laddies
02.Johnny Teasie Weasle
03.Over My Mountain
04.The Rowan Tree
05.Mistress Mackinley's Breakfast Surreals
07.Mormond Braes
08.Till Tomorrow
09.Jennifer's Tunes
10.Sleepy Toon

Quality: 192 Kbps


Martyn Bennett - Grit (2003) @256Kbps

Grit is the last studio album by Scottish celtic fusion artist Martyn Bennett. It was released Oct 13, 2003 on the Real World label.

The song was a marked departure from his previous albums in that Martyn's was reliant on using samples as he was too weak to play his instruments. Also by the time of the album it was now clear that there was every danger that it may prove his last, that he was in effect writing his own musical epitaph.

The name "Grit" was chosen to represent the double edged nature of his life at that time, for as well as representing the courage required to carry on his life as normal instead of merely giving up in despair, grit can also be something irritating and debilitating (eg. grit in the eye)

The track "Liberation" drew some unlikely praise from some circles within the Free Church of Scotland and Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland - the track is based around a reading by Michael Marra of Psalm 118. The track "Rant" sampled Jimmy MacBeath.

The album Mackay's Memoirs featuring Martyn's compositions was recorded by Broughton High School the morning after his death in 2005, those involved only discovering about Martyn's death after they'd finished.

Track Listing:
04.Nae Regrets
07.Ale House

Quality: 256 Kbps


Martyn Bennett - Glen Lyon (2002) @128Kbps

Despite his struggles with ill-health, multi-instrumentalist Martyn Bennett continues to be in the vanguard of those mixing traditional music and technology.This, his fourth album, features a cycle of Gaelic songs sung by his mother Margaret, and the family connection is extended with sampled field-recordings of his grandmother and great-great grandfather. Bennett has framed and interleaved mum's bright, delicate yet wiry vocals with restrained touches of fiddle, pipes, guitar, bass and percussion, as well as a wealth of found sounds -- birds, bees, a ticking clock and a fishing-boat's bilge-pump -- digitally transformed into loops and rich background textures. Other samples include the sound of a 1920s threshing machine, woven into the reaping song Buain A' Choirce, Bosnian artillery fire in the bitter lament A Theˆrlaich ñig, and wild Native American chants and drumming on the 19th-century Canadian composition Oran Nam Mogaisean.Profound in conception and assured in execution, Glen Lyon is a bold, brilliant and often deeply moving synthesis of modern studio capabilities and the ageless potency of ancient songs, catalysed by one of the most fertile musical minds in the business.
Sue Wilson - Sunday Herald

Track Listing:
01.Peter Stewart, 1910
02.Buain a' Choirce
03.Suid Mar Chuir mi 'n Geamhradh Tharram
04.Uamh an Oir
05.A Fhleasgaich ùir, Leanainn Thu
06.Hò Rinn ò
07.A Theàrlaich òig
08.Cumha Iain Gairbh
09.Hiùraibh ò, Ghràidh an Tig Thu?
10.Dh' èirich Mi Moch Maduinn Cheutain
11.Air Bhith Dhòmhsa
12.Cumha Mhic Criomain
13.Oran nam Mogaisean
14.Fhir a' Leadain Thlàth
15.Griogal Cridhe

Quality: 128 Kbps


Deiseal - Sunshine Dance (1996) @160Kbps

Track Listing:
01.Sporting Nell, 8th Of October, Ali Ali
02.The Flowing Tide, Biddy Walsh's
03.The Cup Of Tea, The Pinch Of Snuff, The Newly Mowed Meadow
04.Marbhna Luimn (Lament For Limerick)
05.Maiseail Ni Neill (O'Neill's March)
06.Sunshine Dance
07.Chanson Game (De Nuit, Bernard Fontane)
08.Johnny Henry's, The Abbey, Jimmy's Return
09.Stepping Stones
10.Out With The Boys, Rocky Road To Dublin
11.Wind Of Rose Green
12.The Wise Maid

Quality: 160 Kbps


Sliabh Notes - Gleanntan (1999) @256Kbps

Track Listing:
01.Annaghbeg, Pete Bradley's, Gleanntan (Polkas)
02.The Miller's Maggot, Peggy's Nettles (Jigs)
03.The Durrow, The Swallow's Nest, Lady Gordon (Reels)
04.The Welcome (Song)
05.Padraig O'Keefe's, Micky O'Callaghhan's Fancy (Hornpipes)
06.Dan Murphy's, Danny Ab's, Nell O'Sullivan's, The Gullane (Slides, Polka)
07.Aisling Gheal (Slow Air)
08.Palmer's Gate, Glountane School - 1862 (Reels)
09.Michael Burke's, Padraig's Lark In The Morning, Tom O'Connor's (Jigs)
10.The People Of West-Cork And Kerry (Song)
11.The Baltimore Salute, The Silver Spear, Greig's Pipes, The Master's Return (Reels)
12.Tidy Anne, The Hot Orange, Minnie And Vinnie (Slides)
13.Many A Wild Night, John Walsh's, Daly's Mill (Polkas)

Quality: 256 Kbps


Sliabh Notes - Sliabh Notes (1995) @192Kbps

Track Listing:
01.Terry 'Cuz' Teahans, Murphy's, O'Sullivan's (Polkas)
02.Siney's Jig, Rathawaun, The Hare In The Corn (Slides)
04.The Hairy Dogleaf, Be It Known To You, The Ganger's Ass (Reels)
05.Aly's Waltz
06.Bluegrass In The Backwoods
07.From The Heart
08.The Greencastle Hornpipe
09.The Anniversary, Daybreak, The Kerry Bar (Polkas)
10.Mick O'Connor's, The Shores Of Lough Ree, The Humours Of Toonagh (Reels)
11.The Prisoner's Song
12.The Dirty Trettles, Lep The Table (Slides)
13.East Tennessee Blues, Stone's Rag

Quality: 192 Kbps


The Furey brothers & Davey Arthur - The First Leaves Of Autumn (1986) @160Kbps

Track Listing:
01.First Leaves Of Autumn
02.Who Do You Think You Are
03.Paddy In Paris
04.Sitting Alone
05.The Leaving Of Nancy
06.The Mountains Of Maurne
07.From Where I Stand
08.Dreaming My Dreams
09.October Song
10.Portland Town
12.I'll Be There

Quality: 160 Kbps


Duncan Chisholm - Farrar (2008) @192Kbps

The third solo CD from Duncan and it is another beauty. Gorgeous playing with a lovely tone and feel for the music, even his compositional skills are excellent. An album to savour.

Musicians: Duncan Chisholm (fiddle), Phil Cunningham (piano, cittern, whistle, accordion), Kris Drever (guitar, vocals), Martin O'Neill (percussion), Tearlach MacFarlane (vocals) and Ross Hamilton (guitar, bass).

Track Listing:
1. Nuair Bhios Mi Leam Fhin
2. The Farley Bridge
3. Lorient Mornings
4. Farewell To Uist
5. Mallai Chroch Shli
6. The Hill Of The High Byre
7. A' Mhairead Og
8. 250 To Vigo
9. The 303
10. Alasdair's Tune

Quality: 192 Kbps


Session A9 - Bottlenecks and Arm Breakers (2008) @192Kbps

Originally formed by Charlie McKerron (Capercaillie) as an album project, Session A9 are now thrilling audiences throughout the UK as a top tunes band. With repertoire coming from many contemporary composers, the music has a modern edge that still captures the live atmosphere of a traditional session. McKerron works with a pool of musicians including fiddlers; Gordon Gunn, Adam Sutherland, Kevin Henderson, Duncan Chisholm. Kris Drever; vocals and guitar. Tim Edey on guitar and melodeon. Brian McAlpine on keyboards, and Ian Copeland on percussion. The live shows have earned the Session A9 musicians the title "Scotland's Supergroup".

Track Listing:
01.The Real Mackay Wedding, Struy Lodge, Trip to the Market
02.The Rabbit, Duncan the Gauger, Jig o' Beer
03.Kirstie's, Gary's Porch
04.Running to Mull, Kent to Kintail
06.Trip to Austin, The Arm Breaker
07.Far Frae Hame, Cathal's Magic Fingers
08.Sporting Paddy, Hamish the Carpenter, Hull's Reel, Road to Errogie
09.The Sleeping Tune
10.Paella Grande, No More Cages, The Dirty Bee

Quality: 192 Kbps


The Iron Horse - Voice Of The Land (1995) @192Kbps

Music based on the soundtrack of BBC TV documentary "The Gamekeeper"

Track Listing:
01.Voice Of The Land (Original)
02.Stray Peas
03.The 8-Step Waltz
04.The Rumbling Bridge
06.Leannan Sith
07.The White Mountains
08.Voice Of The Land (Instrumental)
09.Requiem Fox's Glove
10.Beyond The River
11.Black Crows And Ravens
12.Glen Tilt
13.The Sheepwife
14.Voice Of The Land (Acid-Croft Mix)

Gavin Marwick (Fiddle)
Lynn Morrison (Vocal & Synthesisers)
Annie Grace (Vocals, Whistles Highland & Scottish Small-pipes)
Rod Paul (Mandolin, Cittern, Bouzouki & Sequencers)
Stevie Lawrence (Guitars, Percussion, Bass, Sequencers & Half-Long Pipes)

Quality: 192 Kbps